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Parkland students apply for Because We Care donation with a handwritten letter.

Picture (L-R) – Jason Shepherd (Parkland School principal), Karen Wiebe (Parent Advisory Council), Tracy Giesbrecht (Parent Advisory Council), Justin Fehr (BSI Insurance Regional Branch Leader), Florian Schlak (BSI Insurance Winkler, Team Leader)

Winkler, MB – Parkland students apply for Because We Care donation with a handwritten letter.

These days, many things are done electronically because it is fast, efficient, and very convenient. However, the students from Parkland School in Winkler, Manitoba decided to take a more personal approach to their fundraising request and it definitely paid off!


We are from 1/2 W at Parkland School. Our play structure is old and falling apart. We have done lots of investigating and we learned we can’t keep fixing it because it is so old. It is 29 years old. We also don’t like that the play structure isn’t fair for everyone to play on. It’s hard for all our friends to get to the play structure. Can you help us? We need some more money to buy a new play structure or can you give us building materials to help build a new play structure? If you can’t, it’s ok. Please write back.

Thank you and have a good day!

From 1/2W”

This letter was dropped off at the BSI Insurance Winkler office, where the Team Leader, Florian Schlak, quickly scanned the handwritten request and sent it directly to the BSI Marketing team.

The letter was successful in grabbing the attention of the people at BSI Insurance, and a cheque for $1000 was sent to Parkland School from BSI Insurance’s Because We Care initiative.

Due to Covid-19 and very cold temperatures, the big cheque presentation was delayed a few months. Today, we are happy to see Parkland School getting closer to a new inclusive play structure.

Because We Care – Because we care about our customers, employees, and the communities we operate in, we created the Because We Care Initiative. Through this initiative we donate roughly $25,000 annually to communities we operate in and around. This initiative allows us to contribute to individual and community causes as well as larger community projects.

About BSI Insurance – BSI Insurance was founded in Manitoba in the early 60’s. Our consistent dedication to customer service has allowed us to grow 16 brokerages strong across Southern Manitoba. As a broker our main priority is providing insurance products and services that give our customers choice, convenience, and customizable coverage.