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We Are ONE

About ONE

Combining the rich legacies of ONE Insurance and BSI Insurance, we proudly stand as the largest Manitoba-owned brokerage with 28 locations in as many communities. We bring together over 70 years of collective experience in the insurance industry. This union represents a significant milestone in our journey, amplifying our commitment to serving Manitobans with unparalleled dedication.

As a Manitoba-owned company, we cherish our roots and are devoted to providing trusted support to individuals, families, businesses, and communities across the province and beyond. Our team of seasoned advisors, now bolstered by the strengths of both ONE Insurance and BSI Insurance, is ready to assist you wherever you are on life’s journey.

With a deep understanding of the unique challenges, we offer a comprehensive range of insurance options designed to meet your specific insurance needs and budget. At ONE Insurance, we believe in more than just policies; we believe in building lasting relationships. Our commitment surpasses mere transactions; it’s about enabling you to focus on what matters most – your health, family, business, travel plans, and everything in between.

Experience the strength of ONE, ensuring that you have a trusted partner by your side every step of the way.

Your broker, wherever you are.

Executive Team

  • Nicholas Rawluk

    Nicholas Rawluk

    President & CEO

  • Ainsley Desautels

    Ainsley Desautels

    Vice President, People & Culture

  • Rey Girardin

    Rey Girardin

    Vice President, Insurance Services

  • Ryan Hamm

    Ryan Hamm

    Vice President, Operations

  • Clayton Smeltz

    Clayton Smeltz

    Vice President, Finance & Accounting


  • Lisa Kirk

    Lisa Kirk

    Director, People & Culture

  • Darlene Carleton

    Darlene Carleton

    Director, Business Services

  • Samantha Heinrichs

    Samantha Heinrichs

    Director, Operations

  • Marney Merel

    Marney Merel

    Director, Retail Services

  • Theresa Cronin

    Theresa Cronin

    Director, Retail Services

  • Thomas Dawson

    Thomas Dawson

    Director, Information Technology

  • Carla Watts

    Carla Watts

    Director, Financial Analysis

Agriculture & Commercial Team

  • Leslie Funk-Edwards

    Leslie Funk-Edwards

    Marketing Broker

  • Trevor Lux

    Trevor Lux

    Marketing Broker

  • Christine Catellier

    Christine Catellier

    Marketing Broker

  • Natalka Dreesen

    Natalka Dreesen

    Marketing Broker

  • Bryce Harbinson

    Bryce Harbinson

    Marketing Broker

  • Jordan Klaassen

    Jordan Klaassen

    Marketing Broker

  • Virginia Halabicki

    Virginia Halabicki

    Marketing Broker

  • Ray Maynard

    Ray Maynard

    Insurance Advisor

  • PJ Friesen

    PJ Friesen

    Insurance Advisor

  • Justin Fehr

    Justin Fehr

    Insurance Advisor

  • Dale Baloun

    Dale Baloun

    Insurance Advisor

  • Faye Harms

    Faye Harms

    Insurance Advisor

  • TJ Jutras

    TJ Jutras

    Insurance Advisor

  • Paul Gadient

    Paul Gadient

    Insurance Advisor

  • Cassandra Gauthier

    Cassandra Gauthier

    Insurance Advisor

  • Janessa Cramm

    Janessa Cramm

    Insurance Advisor

  • Kathleen Rathert

    Kathleen Rathert

    Insurance Advisor

  • Denise Goletz

    Denise Goletz

    Insurance Advisor

  • Colleen Kelly-Hrynchuk

    Colleen Kelly-Hrynchuk

    Insurance Advisor

  • Tamara Headworth

    Tamara Headworth

    Insurance Advisor

  • Karen Purvis

    Karen Purvis

    Insurance Advisor

  • Collin Bell

    Collin Bell

    Insurance Advisor

  • Janet Carriere

    Janet Carriere

    Insurance Advisor

  • Andrea Sheppard

    Andrea Sheppard

    Insurance Advisor

  • Shannon Van Norman

    Shannon Van Norman

    Insurance Advisor

  • Devin Anderson

    Devin Anderson

    Insurance Advisor

ONE Staff

  • Bunmi Tokuodupe

    Bunmi Tokuodupe

    Administrative Assistant

  • Michelle Bouchard

    Michelle Bouchard

    Facilities Coordinator

  • Dave Reimer

    Dave Reimer

    Facilities Manager

  • Kailey McGavin

    Kailey McGavin


  • Brittney Pokrant

    Brittney Pokrant


  • Natalie Derbowka

    Natalie Derbowka


  • Michael Homenuik

    Michael Homenuik

    Accounting Assistant

  • Christina Erickson

    Christina Erickson

    Payroll & Benefits Coordinator

  • Eva Froese

    Eva Froese

    Account Administrator

  • Caitlin Hartin

    Caitlin Hartin

    Account Administrator

  • Sandra Boutet

    Sandra Boutet

    Account Administrator

  • Diana Graf

    Diana Graf

    Account Administrator

  • Lianne Ayotte

    Lianne Ayotte

    Account Administrator

  • Rachel Klassen

    Rachel Klassen

    Account Administrator

  • Ilona Bullert

    Ilona Bullert

    Account Administrator

  • Teah Ralke

    Teah Ralke

    Administrative Processor

  • Tina Grant

    Tina Grant

    Innovation & Training Specialist

  • Nadine Faykes

    Nadine Faykes

    Training Specialist

  • April Dudgeon

    April Dudgeon

    Claims Coordinator

  • David Robin

    David Robin

    Manager, Marketing & Communications

  • Ginette Henry

    Ginette Henry

    Marketing Specialist

  • Noah Derksen

    Noah Derksen

    Marketing Assistant

  • Raymond De Jaeger

    Raymond De Jaeger

    Network Support Technician

  • Jesse Delorme

    Jesse Delorme

    System Administrator