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BSI Insurance “Insures” a Bright Future for Opa’s Park Renewal Project.

Picture – Alexa Sawatzky (Project Lead, Opa’s Park renewal project), Beth Downey (Project Lead, Opa’s Park renewal project), Amanda Parkhurst (Team Leader, BSI Insurance – Niverville)

Discover the joy of play at Opa’s Park in the near future, thanks in part to BSI Insurance! We recognize the significance of play for kids of every age and size. Ensuring a safe, imaginative space where people can connect with nature is key to shaping a vibrant future. We’re thrilled to contribute $2500 specifically designated to fund the obstacle course at Opa’s Park’s renewal. The importance of this project cannot be understated as it is something that will bring joy, fun, and creativity to many families for years to come.

Opa’s Park:

Opa’s Park is quite the special place, as beautifully expressed by Beth Downey in her interview with Jennifer Lavin from The Citizen. Beth emphasized the park’s living essence, stating, “The park is not a dead thing. It’s not just a square on a map that somebody owns or a bargaining chip in terms of municipal policy. It’s alive. It’s a community of organisms that’s part of the earth that we live on and it provides services to our community. It has served our community for such a long time and it holds legacies for people… and it needs to be honoured. We hope that this project will both honour the park and serve the community.”

BSI Insurance’s donation is part of phase one in the process of the park’s renewal project. The donation specifically designated for the park’s impending obstacle course is set to be a natural timber obstacle course. This is just one part of the many improvements scheduled for the park in the coming year(s). BSI Insurance is thrilled to be a part of such an important initiative for the up-and-coming town of Niverville.

BSI Insurance aspires to make a difference with this donation, assisting in a build that will benefit families for generations to come. Nevertheless, we acknowledge that our $2500 contribution is just a small part of the funding required for this creative project, we hope it inspires others to contribute what they can. Together, we can make Opa’s Park a core memory generator and a place for people to enjoy themselves year-round.

Additional Information

Niverville Citizen – Big Donation Boosts Park Restoration https://nivervillecitizen.com/index.php/news/sports-and-recreation/big-donation-boosts-park-restoration
written by: Jennifer Lavin jlavin@nivervillecitizen.com

Because We Care – Because we care about our customers, employees, and the communities we operate in, we created the Because We Care Initiative. Through this initiative, we donate roughly $25,000 annually to communities we operate in and around. This initiative allows us to contribute to individual and community causes as well as larger community projects. For more information about the BWC Initiative, click HERE.

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Lavin, J. (2022, March 15). Niverville Park to Begin Major Restoration. Niverville Park to Begin Major Restoration | Niverville Citizen. https://nivervillecitizen.com/news/sports-and-recreation/niverville-park-to-begin-major-restoration