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Keep Manitoba Flat: $8500 raised for Winnipeg Harvest.

Picture (L-R) – Troy De Viet (School Teacher/Designer), Rene DeMoissac (BSI Insurance, President & CEO), Mika Peterson (Winnipeg Harvest, Community Events Manager), Amber Eidse (29 North, Owner), David Robin (BSI Insurance, Marketing Specialist)

Manitoba – Keep Manitoba Flat

Designed by local Winnipeg teacher, Troy De Viet, the Keep Manitoba Flat t-shirt design emphasizes the importance of bringing down the curve during the Covid-19 pandemic. Two outlines, one shaped as our beautiful province and the other as a symbolic animal to Manitoba, a bison, both slowly flattening out. These shirts are not only creative and powerful, they also served a purpose… fighting hunger and feeding hope.

The campaign was a success. Just under 200 t-shirts were sold in only two weeks, and $4250 was donated to Winnipeg Harvest from our Because We Care initiative / Keep Manitoba Flat campaign.

All of this was possible because of two local Manitoba owned businesses teaming up. BSI Insurance (16 locations across Manitoba) & 29 North (Rosenort, MB) collaborated with Troy De Viet to create this wonderful t-shirt with 100% of proceeds donated to charity.

From May 12-22, 2020, Insurance Brokers Association of Manitoba (IBAM) held a Matching Donation Drive in support of Winnipeg Harvest to help give back to families in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. BSI Insurance added the $4250 raised from the Keep Manitoba Flat campaign to the drive and with IBAM’s help, it boosted the total donation to $8500!

Thank you to everyone who was able to buy a ‘Keep Manitoba Flat’ t-shirt.

Because We Care – Because we care about our customers, employees, and the communities we operate in, we created the Because We Care Initiative. Through this initiative we donate roughly $25,000 annually to communities we operate in and around. This initiative allows us to contribute to individual and community causes as well as larger community projects. For more information about the BWC Initiative, visit our website www.bsimb.com/bwc

About BSI Insurance – BSI Insurance was founded in Manitoba in the early 60’s. Our consistent dedication to customer service has allowed us to grow 16 brokerages strong across Southern Manitoba. As a broker our main priority is providing insurance products and services that give our customers choice, convenience, and customizable coverage.

About IBAM – The Insurance Brokers Association of Manitoba (IBAM) is a not-for-profit association that represents over 2,000 property and casualty (P&C) insurance brokers, in 300 storefronts in over 120 communities across Manitoba. The Association’s objective is to advocate for consumers of insurance and to uphold the professional standards of insurance brokers. IBAM promotes qualified service and integrity among brokers and works to ensure that consumers of insurance have professional advice and freedom of choice in their selection of property and casualty (P&C) insurance coverages.

About Winnipeg Harvest – Winnipeg Harvest is a not-for-profit charitable organization committed to providing food to hungry Manitobans. Winnipeg Harvest shares food with more than 300 partner agencies including food banks, soup kitchens, and youth programs, in order to distribute surplus food to hungry families all over Manitoba

About 29 North – Formerly known as In Stitches Embroidery, this rural Manitoba business began back in 2002. Spending a decade providing businesses and individuals near and far with personalized service and quality products. After taking a hiatus for a few years, they are back with a new name and fresh logo. Find 29 North on Facebook and Instagram.