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BSI Insurance Plants a Donation for Manitoba Farmer Wellness Program

Picture – Gerry Friesen (Chief Administrative Officer, MFWP) and Marcel Hacault (Chair, MFWP)

BSI Insurance is dedicated to eradicating the stigma surrounding mental health, especially during this time of year when farmers face numerous challenges as winter approaches. With deadlines looming, crops to harvest, and livestock to safeguard, the pressure can be overwhelming. We are delighted to announce that BSI Insurance has contributed $1000 to support the Manitoba Farmer Wellness Program through our Because We Care initiative. 

Manitoba Farmer Wellness Program:

The Manitoba Farmer Wellness Program is a commendable organization that offers crucial assistance to farmers seeking help. This program provides a secure and adaptable avenue for farmers to access the support they require. It offers a cost-free, short-term program delivered by professionals with a deep understanding of agriculture, granting farmers the peace of mind they deserve. Each individual is eligible for coverage of up to six sessions. 

BSI Insurance’s heartfelt donation for the mental well-being of farmers holds great significance. The impact of mental health issues within the farming community is more widespread than one might imagine. Did you know that 58% of farmers meet the criteria for an anxiety disorder, 35% qualify for a depression diagnosis, and 40% hesitate to seek help due to the associated stigma? 

BSI Insurance aspires to make a profound difference with this donation, reaching farmers across Manitoba. While we acknowledge that our $1000 contribution is just a small part of the funding required for this noble cause, we hope it inspires others to contribute what they can. Together, we can empower the Manitoba Farmer Wellness Program to assist farmers throughout the entire province. 

Additional Information

Because We Care – Because we care about our customers, employees, and the communities we operate in, we created the Because We Care Initiative. Through this initiative we donate roughly $25,000 annually to communities we operate in and around. This initiative allows us to contribute to individual and community causes as well as larger community projects. For more information about the BWC Initiative, click HERE.

About BSI Insurance – BSI Insurance was founded in Manitoba in the early ’60s. Our consistent dedication to customer service has allowed us to grow 16 brokerages strong across Southern Manitoba. As a broker, our main priority is providing insurance products and services that give our customers choice, convenience, and customizable coverage.


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