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BSI Insurance Completes Double Play Donation to Local Baseball Associations.

Picture – (Left) Rally Cap U7 – Niverville Baseball Association, (Right) 13U Boys – Seine River Minor Ball

Community support and corporate social responsibility are crucial components of fostering strong relationships between businesses and their local neighbourhoods. BSI Insurance recently showcased its commitment to its community by making a double play donation to two baseball associations: Seine River Minor Ball and Niverville Baseball Association. By contributing $2000 to each organization, BSI Insurance has demonstrated its dedication to promoting youth sports and fostering a sense of unity among residents. Let’s explore how these donations will positively impact both associations and their communities.

Seine River Minor Ball: Fostering Baseball Excellence in the Community Since its formation in 2002, Seine River Minor Ball (SRMB) has been providing children aged 4 to 18 in the surrounding communities with opportunities to play baseball and softball. SRMB aims to ensure that young athletes can participate in sports within their local areas and at levels that suit their abilities. In addition to organizing programs, SRMB operates the Optimist Park, a vibrant hub for baseball, softball, and slow-pitch activities.

Recently, SRMB encountered a setback with their canteen’s equipment. The drink cooler, unable to withstand the summer weather, and the hot chocolate machine, which gave in before the fall tournament, need to be replaced. These machines play a crucial role in providing refreshments for players, parents, and spectators. Recognizing the importance of these amenities, BSI Insurance has stepped in to help SRMB cover the cost of new equipment. The $2000 donation will ensure that the canteen remains functional, enabling SRMB to continue providing a positive experience for all involved.

Niverville Baseball Association: Growing Together, Playing Together The Niverville Baseball Association has been experiencing a surge in participant numbers, highlighting the growing interest and passion for baseball within the community. This growth brings with it new challenges, including the need for additional equipment, jerseys, and programming to accommodate all the new players.

BSI Insurance’s $2000 donation to the Niverville Baseball Association will provide much-needed support in addressing these challenges. The funds will be used for vital safety equipment, particularly Baseball L screens for the U11 programs, which are essential for protecting coaches and participants during pitching activities. The association aims to purchase six screens which will be utilized at their Niverville and Ste Agathe diamond locations. Additionally, BSI Insurance’s contribution could be directed toward acquiring golf cart batteries and ensuring reliable transportation for elderly spectators and volunteers during tournaments.

Unity, Inclusion, and Community Well-Being, the significance of BSI Insurance’s donations extend beyond the immediate benefits to the Seine River Minor Ball and Niverville Baseball Association. These contributions demonstrate the company’s dedication to supporting local sports initiatives and fostering a sense of community unity. By investing in youth programs and promoting active and inclusive environments, BSI Insurance is playing an integral role in enhancing the overall well-being of the communities they serve.

Because We Care – Because we care about our customers, employees, and the communities we operate in, we created the Because We Care Initiative. Through this initiative, we donate roughly $25,000 annually to communities we operate in and around. This initiative allows us to contribute to individual and community causes as well as larger community projects.

About BSI Insurance – BSI Insurance was founded in Manitoba in the early ’60s. Our consistent dedication to customer service has allowed us to grow 16 brokerages strong across Southern Manitoba. As a broker, our main priority is providing insurance products and services that give our customers choice, convenience, and customizable coverage.