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Betty White would have been so happy to see how our communities supported this campaign. Congratulations Pembina Valley Humane Society, WE DID IT! We didn’t only get to our goal of 1000 engagements, we surpassed 2000 engagements over Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Here are the numbers:
– Facebook: 1105 Total engagements (Likes, Shares, Comments, etc.)
– Instagram: 480 (Likes, Shares, Comments, etc.)
– Twitter: 628 (Likes, Retweets, Replies, etc.)

Total engagements: 2213 in 24 hours!

We will be sending PVHS a cheque for $1000.00 in honour of Betty White #BettyWhiteChallenge – Thank you to everyone who showed their support by clicking on our social media.


January 17th, 2022, was supposed to be a big day celebrating comedian/actress Betty White’s 100th birthday. Betty White was an American icon that was loved by so many people. Her love for animals sparked a social media challenge that encourages people to donate to their local animal shelter in Betty White’s name.

Today, BSI Insurance will donate $1.00* for every social media engagement on BSI’s platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter), up to $1000.00.

We have selected the Pembina Valley Humane Society to receive the funds for this campaign.

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