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Volunteer Firefighter Insurance Services

Introducing our exclusive Volunteer Firefighter Insurance Services, provided by AIG (American Insurance Group – Canada), designed specifically for volunteer fire departments. Our Accident and Sickness policy offers comprehensive coverage tailored to the unique needs of volunteer firefighters. Ensuring peace of mind for those who bravely serve their communities without compensation.

This policy offers a safety net for unforeseen accidents and illnesses that may occur while on duty or off duty. Whether you’re responding to an emergency call, participating in training exercises, or going about your daily routine, our insurance coverage is there to support you.

Key features of our Volunteer Firefighter Insurance Services include:

  1. Accident Coverage: From slip and falls to more serious injuries sustained during firefighting operations, our policy provides financial protection to help cover medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and lost wages resulting from accidents.
  2. Sickness Coverage: In the event of an illness or medical condition that prevents you from fulfilling your duties as a volunteer firefighter, our policy ensures you receive the necessary support to cover medical bills and supplement lost income during your recovery period.
  3. Exclusive Coverage for Volunteers: Unlike insurance plans for paid firefighters, our services are exclusively tailored to meet the needs of volunteer firefighters, recognizing the unique challenges they face and providing dedicated support.
  4. Prompt Claim Processing: We understand the importance of timely assistance during difficult times. Our streamlined claims process ensures that eligible claims are handled promptly, providing financial relief when it’s needed most.

At ONE Insurance, we are committed to serving those who selflessly serve their communities. With our Volunteer Firefighter Insurance Services, you can focus on your vital role in firefighting without worrying about the financial impact of accidents or illnesses. Trust us to protect you when it matters most.

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