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Contractors Insurance

We understand that contractors deal with a variety of potential risks, ranging from property damage to incomplete work by sub trades to having an accident with a company vehicle. At ONE Insurance, we have the experience to guide you through the process and build a customized insurance policy for your business.

We work with different types of contractors including: plumbers, framers, general contractors, roofers, electricians and carpenters. We will take the time to learn about your business and build an insurance policy that’s right for you.

Some of the coverage options we consider are:

  • Property: Coverage for your leased or owned building, property and equipment*, and business interruption coverage. *For equipment, this includes tools that are owned, rented or leased by the contractor for use on site or off the premises.
  • Liability: Bodily injury, property damage or medical payments from on-site accidents or other injuries or damages that occur while running your business.
  • Installation Floater: Covers equipment in transit to the job site, while awaiting installation site.
  • Professional indemnity: Coverage for you against claims of negligence.
  • Bonds: We can provide facility, performance, labour, and material bonds for jobs that require it.
  • Other coverages: For completed operations, premises liability, crime coverage, excess or umbrella liability and more.

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